the Dreg and the drag

the Dreg and the drag
The Dreg and the Drag

Tuesday, December 27, 2016


 To enter any planet under our protection one must go through the outposts

Our outposts are situated on a moon or asteroid near the planet. There is also a space dock for those ships that cannot landed on the surface.

Once at the outpost you are scanned for diseases and alien matter so no alien particles will be introduced to the planets ecosystem. Visitors are than injected with short-term nanites to protect visitors from the native viruses.

A questionnaire is then filled out.

After this and everything is in order, the visitor is issued a short-term visa

With the visa in hand, the visitor is escorted to the TransMat and sent down to the planet's surface.

Any goods are scanned for hazardous material before sent to the surface.

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