the Dreg and the drag

the Dreg and the drag
The Dreg and the Drag

Thursday, March 9, 2017


Alliance Visas are large pins that attach to the front of a shirt or overall. It must be displayed at all times. If an off-worlder is caught without his visa, he is taken to the ziggurat and sent back to the outpost

Visas are divided into three main groups with each group subdivided there after,

Student Visa--

This is subdivided into two categories:

In-student are those from off-planet that are enrolled in the Alliance's University.
Out-Student are those off planet that are studying Alliance structure.

These Visas are usually a semester in term.


Tourist Visa--

This is divided by access/security clearance

More on this anon.


Business Visa--

This is subdivided by kind of business like

These visas are of various terms, depending on the business and length of ship business


Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Town Square

The TransMat is housed in a Ziggurat in the center of the main cities.

The Ziggurat is also the official government building.  Streets radiate from it.

Where you able to look at the city from above it would look like a giant ziggurat itself.

There is transportation stations outside the Ziggurat that will allow you to access the city or go to another city. In Terran the transportation vehicles would be referred to as Taxis and trains.

Trains take people to other cities on the planet. For Natives there is no fee, but for tourists there is a nominal fee that allows access to the trains for the entirety of the stay.

Taxis are for transportation within the city. There are fees.